Hobby Lobby Telemaster 66

(Built Summer 1986)


> K&B 40

> Futaba Conquest 4ch AM

This was the first radio controlled model airplane I built.  I built the plane when I was 13 years old during the summer.  It took about 3 weeks working non-stop.

Unfortunately I did not know to reinforce the wing center-section, and the wings folded during the first flight.   The instructor/test pilot had the plane up to about 500 feet and I had been at the controls for about 30 seconds.  I re-built the plane and continued to learn how to fly.

telem_66_build.JPG (50990 bytes)
Me building the airplane, summer of 1986.
telem_66_taxi.JPG (28552 bytes)
Getting ready for take-off
telem_66_first_take-offJPG.JPG (37647 bytes)
Very first take-off.
telem_66_first_flight.JPG (42091 bytes)
First time with the controls.
telem_66_run-up.JPG (47923 bytes)

Re-built plane during run-up.
telem_66_training.JPG (44694 bytes)
Training in progress, getting ready for first solo.
telem_66_first_solo_2.JPG (48651 bytes)
First solo flight.
telem_66_first_solo.JPG (30125 bytes)
Plane in one piece after first solo!